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Shenzhen date can the electromechanical device limited company roll the news.
Shenzhen date can the electromechanical device limited company roll the news:Invites the world to be ambitious has gentleman of and the company communal development the stratagem.
Specialized development production sale:The home use commercial air conditioning migration air conditioning central air conditioning changes in temperature migration air conditioning fan solar-powered water heater
energy conservation air conditioning water heater energy conservation air can the air conditioning water heater electric fan electromagnetic oven electric cooking pot electric heater electric boiler electrical machinery
 electrical machinery bearing compress electrical appliances products and so on mechanical and electrical thermos wringer; And has the comprehensive import and export business declaration and so on.
This company solicits domestic and foreign has the strength company merchant to ally the product proxy dealer.

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solar energy series

    shenzhen rineng electrical and machinery co., ltd. is established in 2005, authorizes by the city bureau of industry and commerce to set up, the electrical appliances product, the development, the processing mechanical and electrical, sells a dragon enterprise, is the present shenzhen special economic zone is in sole possession of an industry and trade combination novel management pattern unit; since the specialized mechanical and electrical products and the electrical appliances product cooperative production enterprise, the date has been able the company for the hong kong special zone, southeast asia, the middle east, south africa, europe and america and so on many national big company famous brand oem to produce each kind of domestic electric appliances product continuously£¬including home use/commercial air-conditioner series; central air conditioning series;¡­¡­

solar energy series
solar energy
good luck fan
digital electromagnetic oven
air conditioning main engine
Address£ºRm1016,flatA,JingjidongfangBildg.Yanhe Rd,Luohu.ShenZhen.China
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